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Good Toothpaste


Good Toothpaste

Do you have trouble waking up or falling asleep? Good is an organic toothpaste infused with ginger and lavender that helps with the transition for morning and evening rituals.

Project Collaboration: Otis College of Art and Design and Loyola Marymount-Business


A product that incorporates dental hygiene with a supplement routine that makes waking up and falling asleep easier. 


Discover and find out what causes anguish in a consumer's life at home.

Initial Research

Based on interviews, we found out that most of our surveyors had a problem:

  • 70% of surveyors had an issue waking up/falling asleep

  • Majority forgot to take supplements

Product Packaging and Ideation



Good PM

Melatonin Toothpaste

Objective: To aid in the evening rituals of the user by supplying a soothing dose of melatonin during nightly rituals that naturally aides in the process of falling asleep.

Good AM

Caffeinated Toothpaste

Objective: To aid in the morning rituals of the user by supplying a light boost of energy via the under utilized process of brushing teeth.


Marketing Strategy

Push: Utilize mobile to mortar partners to reach targeted in-store shoppers.

Provide product samples to targeted dental hygienist, airlines, hotels, and other service enterprises.

Pull: Engage with users searching for general organic toothpaste and need-state related queries to drive brand awareness.